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Technological advantages:

Phase-shifting whole-bridge soft switch technology: possess advantages such as low switch loss, high conversion efficiency, and little electromagnetic disturbance. Yongli Power brings into full play advantages of soft switch technology, and also adopts the world’s advanced rapid high-performance power semi-conductor to develop and manufacture medium- and large-power supply, with indexes reaching domestic advanced level, such as electrical performance, reliability, etc.

Three-phase active power factor correction technology: Yongli Power innovatively applied the three-phase active power factor correction technology that few domestic enterprises knew, and realized the goals of power factor≥0.998 and harmonic distortion≤3, thus reaching the world’s advanced level. This not only meets national environmental protection requirements on harmonic harnessing, but also becomes the important weapon and unique advantage of reaching electromagnetic compatible indexes of products.

Large-power constant current parallel flow equalization technology: not only make output current of power system arbitrarily adjustable under large-power condition, but also reach the domestic advanced level of constant current control error below 0.3% under the parallel flow equalization condition. The common practice is that constant voltage power parallel flow equalization is adopted to magnify output current. But in terms of parallel flow equalization of constant voltage power, control precision of output current is poor, and can not meet users’ high requirements on linear adjustability and control precision of output current within the width scope.

Anti-interference technology of radio frequency environment: directed at working features and frequency coverage of large-power transmitter and jammer, adopt the scientific electrical structure design and implement effective technical measures to ensure that power operation is not disturbed by radio frequency, and normal operation of electric equipment is not affected.

Successful cases

Introduction to cathode protection switch power

The united application of cathode protection and coating layer can render the most economical and effective protection to metal structures in water or under ground. Good coating layer can protect external surface of structures against corrosion. Metal structures under ground or in water are usually smeared with coating layer so as to separate metal from electric medium environment. If metal structures can achieve complete electric insulation, corrosive current of metal in electric medium will be restrained, and even eliminated, thus avoiding the corrosion of metal. However, completely ideal coating layer does not exist. Due to the transportation, installation and repair in the process of construction, thermal stress, soil stress, aging of coating layer, and micro-hole of coating layer, external coating layer of metal structures always has some flaws, which finally lead to partial corrosion of metal. Joint application of cathode protection and coating layer can effectively solve the problem. On the one hand, cathode protection can effectively avoid corrosion at the breakage of coating layer, thus prolonging the service life of coating layer. On the other hand, coating layer can also greatly reduce the demand of protection current, improve the distribution of protection current, and increase the semi-diameter of protection, thus making cathode protection more economical and effective. As for exposed or poorly coated metal structures under ground or in water, cathode protection can be regarded as the exclusive means available for corrosion prevention.

Expense on cathode protection usually accounts for 1%~5% of the cost of the protected metal structures, but their service life can be prolonged times and even dozens of times. Therefore, the technology has been generally accepted and found wider and wider applications in fields like ship, port facilities, marine project, petrochemical, electric power, and city planning and will have broad prospects.

Product introduction

In terms of different ways of offering cathode current, cathode protection can also be divided into sacrificial anode method and external current method. The former is that a kind of metal (such as magnesium, aluminum and zinc) with negative potential is electrically connected with the protected metal structures. Through the continuous dissolution of electro-negative metal or alloy, it offers protective current to the protected articles, thus making metal structures protected. The latter is that external AC is converted into low-voltage DC, and through auxiliary anode the protective current is transmitted to the protected metal structures, thus making corrosion restrained. Power is the heart of external current cathode protection, and its role is to offer cathode protection current to the protected metal structures continuously. With the development of power box electronic technology, power used for cathode protection has evolved from DC generator, controllable silicon, and magnetic saturation rectifier, which are characterized by small size, low weight, small ripple wave, high control precision and high efficiency.

Cathode protection switch power produced by Yongli Power is to import single-phase or three-phase AC into municipal electricity, and then convert it into the needed DC output under constant current or constant potential mode. The series of power is mainly used for protecting large-scale metal structures, or those in soil of high earth receptivity, such as bridge, long-buried pipe, and large tank group.

Cathode protection switch power manufactured by Yongli Power is a kind of hi-tech product integrating high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, soft switch technology, and SCM control technology, and possesses advantages such as high efficiency, low temperature rise, high reliability and excellent electrical performance. It is designed with RS-422 communications interface, and forms telemetering, remote signaling nad remote control functions with superior monitors.

Cathode protection switch power is composed of AC input circuit, power factor correction circuit, high frequency conversion circuit, pulse width modulation control and protection circuit, constant current working circuit, constant potential working circuit, DC output circuit, and SCM control circuit.