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Functions and requirements of communications power in communications system

1. Functions

Communications power has been indispensable since the start of the telecom era, namely the appearance of the first telegraph at the end of 19th century, till the today’s rapid development of information superhighway. The safety and reliability of communications power are the important conditions for the normal operation of communications system. Modern communications equipment requires the continuous power supply. Otherwise, the whole communications system might be paralyzed. Communications power possesses the incomparable position in communications bureau (station). It is vivid that communications power is compared as human heart, and the current flowing to each communications device is compared as the blood vessel.

Communications power, transmission equipment and switch equipment are regarded as the three most important parts of communications, none of which is dispensable.

2. Requirements

High reliability: failures of ordinary communication equipment have little, or partial impact while those of power system may affect both partial and whole system, and even communications of national trunk lines.

High stability: all communications devices call for stable power voltage, which can not exceed the scope of working voltage.

High efficiency: energy is valuable. Daily maintenance fee and electricity fee are the important expenditures. Therefore, rectifier should have the high AC-to-DC conversion efficiency.

Small size: modern communications equipment is increasingly integrated and becoming smaller and smaller. Communications power should be innovated so as to adapt to modern communications equipment. In addition, small size can also save area of machine room.

High maintenance requirement: advanced equipment, high automatic performance, and modern electronic technologies such as integrated circuit and microprocessor control require that maintenance should have the wide scope of knowledge.