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The Company
Wuhan Yongli Power Supply Technology Co., LTD was established in September, 2000. Located in China-optic valley, Yongli power is a professional power and power system enterprise integrated the development, production, and service. Science its inception, Yongli has been committed to providing best customer service and solutions as to escort the equipment operating.

The company collected a lot of high-qualified administrative talents; own multinomial product patents; optimize quality of military products and production systems.

Covering 6000 square meters, Yongli has a total staff of 158, technical staff made up 30%. Register funds RMB 18 million; it has an asset of 140 million RMB and net asset of 129 million RMB.

An increased asset by Bao’an Group is a new milestone in the history of the development of Yongli. Sharing the advantages with Bao’an Group, Yongli has undergone a qualitative change in terms of marketing, HR, R&D, production, capital guarantee. This took the company to the forefront of power industry.

Yongli takes the principle of “quality is the first, customer is the uppermost”; insists on the quality polity of “high qualify, high standard, high reliability”; meets and super pass the requirements of customers by the professional technical ability. Based on the deep comprehension on the power convert and strong team of R&D, Yongli adopt technology of the soft-switching, APFC (harmonic process), high power parallel current evenness, and anti-interference to FDD system in the power production. All the products with the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, high power factor, intelligent, compact size, diversification in cooling, environmental adaptability.

So far, products are widely used in marine environmental protection, corrosion resistant projects, posting and communication industry, electric power industry, laser manufacture, and greatly welcomed by both domestic and abroad market.

Company milestones

  • ● September 2000-Founded as a military product company
  • ● 2002-Past ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
  • ● 2003-Get the Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate issued by the Wuhan East-lake New Technology Development Zone.
  • ● 2005- Being a member of China Power Supply Society
  • ● 2006-Moved to new common building in Wuhan University Science Park.
  • ● 2007-Representative of PLA being stationed in the company
  • ● December 2007-Past the Certificate of weaponry scientific research manufacture Class Ⅱ Security
  • ● 2009-Got the certificate of weaponry scientific research manufacture
  • ● February 2010 Got the certificate of the Equipment Manufacture
  • ● 2010- Past GJB-9001B-2009 Quality Management System Change Certification
  • ● December 2010-Get the Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate issued by the Hubei Province
  • ● 2011- Increased asset by Bao’an Group