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In 2012 the company in Beijing to participate in the exhibition

The 8th China international defense electronics exhibition in on May 9, 2012 in Beijing exhibition hall grand opening! From the United States, Britain and 48 countries embassy nearly 70 military attache attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the exhibition opening nearly 5000 viewers enter the meeting place to visit. More than 300 domestic international famous enterprises exhibitors, exhibits involved in radar system, electronic countermeasures system, command and control system, emergency early warning system and other aspects, the exhibition area of 20000 square meters.

"Hand in hand to China power supply society, make power characteristic zone" organizers - take it as exhibition innovation point, and refreshing. Military power supply products widely used in national defense, communication, transportation, aviation and navigation etc, in the exhibition are high attention. I company as members of the association in power characteristic enclave, through the product demonstration and data interpretation display technology development, show China power industry development level. Logistic command scientific research institutes, ErBao, weapons technology research institute, navy equipment research institute, electrical science institute, and ZongCan three department and other units are organized team visitor, and showed great interest.

China international defense electronics exhibition is the present domestic reflect the national defense science and technology level, the leading field of national defense industry development trends, and in the international have influence high level exhibitions, to promote international defense electronic technology exchanges and cooperation to make a positive contribution. As a member of the China's national defense strength, the company actively organize personnel careful preparation, the exhibition, May 8,, the leadership of all the company's Marketing Department by the team arrive early, such as exhibition preparatory activities. The company through the exhibition activities, and promote the enterprise well-knownness, the collection industry forefront technical information and market the latest trends, and through and visiting quotient close communication, initiative on the market demand, actively develop potential customers, to enhance the product technology content, improve the quality of products sufficient preparation.