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The company held 2012 New Year celebration, its all about activities

On January 8, 2012, the company in the red hiking travel resort was held at New Year celebration, its all about activities, so as to sum up 2011 years working, commending the advanced, in 2012 the company development; To improve team cohesion, enrich the enterprise cultural life; Express company to employees caring and holiday greetings, make employee a happy, happy a good Spring Festival in 2012.

Express concern and greetings: the chairman of the company FengZuoXiang cause New Year congratulation to the company staff hard work gave high affirmation, and wish you all in the New Year everything is satisfactory, the yongli wish in the New Year make greater achievements, but also to the company a new years work puts forward requirements.

Summary and prospect: over the past year, all the yongli people common struggle year, also let us pride of a year. Military markets more solid, civilian goods market further expand; China baoan group holdings to join in, to the company development into a new power and vitality; In 2011 did not, the company all staff is united as one, work overtime, on time quality and quantity to complete the ballast water supporting power production task... The general manager LinJie in 2011 the company carries on the comprehensive summary and review on the basis of the 2012 work plan and deployment, and respectively with leaders in charge of the department head and signed the 2012 department performance responsibility ". Ask for each department to press the "sunny system requirements will responsibility target layer upon layer decomposition fulfil person.

The commendation advanced: the company in 2011 to work part of the outstanding staff bulletin recognition. The company leadership respectively as "security advanced individual" XuShi sheep, "excellent employee" shieber, xu exhibition macro, ZhangSen, ZhangFeng, CengJianGong, QiLiMei FangLiYong, 7 people, "science and technology innovation" winner shieber certificate and bonuses.

Employees rich cultural life, improve the team cohesion: to celebrate the company to join group, completed the annual plan for the task, a total of royal New Year, employees use the break time, in a very short time to prepare rich and colorful cultural programs.

Worship activities gam interactive link, the deep feeling of each antiphonal singing, resounding passionate solo, passion surging chorus, different region amorous feelings of the solo dance, full of youthful vitality of the group dancing, beautiful elegant violin solo, generous passionate elocnte holding... Strike out the yongli people heart, dance out of the yongli people's elegant demeanour, recognizes the yongli people to the enterprise gratitude. Challenging and interesting games, exciting lottery, soul-stirring super auction, make the celebration and cheers, one climax after another! Law rejuvenation gradually, ZhaoQi neoproterozoic. Through this worship activities, the yongli people have more confidence and the determination, in group and under the guidance of the new catch opportunity, seek new development, to realize the new span jump, we will with seize every minute attitude, struggle to win the confidence of the people, dare to be the first spirit and the courage to walk the line, unite as one, exploit the situation and go up, create brilliant.

In 2012, yongli will Hold live.